हाम्राे चाहना,सम्वृद् समाजकाे स्थापना
Our Desire Prosperous Society

SWC Regd. No : 19843


SabalSabal Nepal is one of the established and active NGO ofSaptari registered 9 years ago and serving the continuously. Sabal is working since 1998 as a Bal Chetna Samuh as a child & youth club without registering under NGO act. From the very beginning Sabal is working with UNICEF and other local as well as national stakeholders such as: Save The Children,Helvitas,GSF/UNHBITAT, Oxfam GB, SEAM-N-Nepal, District Development Committee Saptari, RajbirajMunicipality, Water Sanitation and Sewerage Division OfficeSaptari,District Education officeSaptari in WASH, Education, humanitarian, health and hygiene sector.

Sabal Nepal has diverse and wider working experience in the field of development and disaster. Our work has been appreciated and acknowledged by District WASH Cluster Sunsari as one of the best NGO worked in disaster response during Koshi response in 2008, particularly in the area of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion .Sabal has responded/served around 28,000 people affected from Koshi Flood in 2008.Since then Sabalis one of the active WASH cluster member working closely with DDRC and DWASH CC to improve its capacity to support and response in disaster.

Also Sabal Nepal has successfully implemented Local Governance and community Development programmein 6 VDCsof Saptaridistrict and 5 Wards of Rajbiraj municipality in close coordination with DDC/Municipality and VDCs.

Sabal Nepal is continuously involved in WASH promotional activity since 2006. The first ODF declare VDC of Saptari is Kanchanpur VDC which was not only the first ODF VDC of Saptaribut also the first ODF VDC of Sagarmatha Zone in 2014 AD. TO make environment to declare Kanchanpur VDC as ODF VDC,Sabal Nepal played lead facilitating role in sanitation social mobilization and technical backstopping support in continuous manner and being able to declare ODF VDC in 2012.

Similarly it has been working with  a number of government stakeholders such as: Rajbiraj Municipality, to work for urban slums and UNICEF, DDC and WSSDO to provide Water and Sanitation to the highly vulnerable communities, conflict affected and inaccessible areas.

Sabal Nepal is appreciated by DDC sunsari for the best performance of community awarness center during visit to saptari by LGCDP cluster biratnagaar.

Currently Sabal Nepal has been implementing in 30 GSF/UNHABITAT VDCs for ODF Promotion Project as a Local Partner in Coordination with WEL Biratnagar. Also Sabal is implementing in 2 VDC of Saptari District for Total Sanitation Program in the support of UNICEF, Apart from that Sabal is also implementing in 8 VDC has Sponsorship program and 8 VDC , 1 Muncipality has Safer Migration Program in the support of Save The Children & Helvetas, also Sabal Nepal is working in construction sector in the close coordination with Rajbiraj Muncipality as a agreement with public toilet counstuction and Bhagwati Pount repair and maintence.


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