SWC Regd. No : 19843

Sponsorship Program
The major goal of sponsorship program is to strengthen the capacity of community level structures for serving the quality services by implement ECCD, BE, SHN, AD, ASRH and Livelihood program in community for ensuring the child protection, child participation, child servival, child development and increse in the access of education to all.
Objective of Sponsorship Program :
  • The major obcjective of sponsorship program is to assist in community development for access of children in education, cognitive, physical, mental and health development of children by various types of implementing relevant vision, interventions and its monitoring and evaluation through community mobilization.
  • To increase in access, availability and quality service for all by implement four major core program.

Major Activities :

Following major activities were accomplished in 2015.

  • Community level Child club re/ formation.
  • Village Child Protection Committee formation.
  • Orientation to School/ECCD/ VDC and other concerned stakeholders about sponsorship program.
  • Support P fom, carpet and other education materials to ECCD Center for sitting arrangement learning for children.
  • Condected different types of capacity building training and orientation to community level stakeholders such as ECCD facilitator/ Teachers/ Child Club/VCPC/HP and others.
  • Conducted and facilitated to celeberate Universal Chld Right day and Intranational Youth Day-2015 for community sensetization and awareness.
  • Conducted and completed baseline survey and CEMIS data collection-2015.
  • Installed additional Toll Free number under Sabal Nepal as per learning from Sponsorship Program.
  • Conduction health session at school.
  • Celeberation SHN week.
  • Conduction of health screening at school.
  • Mid Day meal and food demo orientation to parents, management committee and teachers.
  • ASRH/ANC/ PNC orientation to adolescents specially to girls.
  • Orientation on menstruation and hyigine pad making to adolescents.
  • Orientation on anti-child marriage to adolescents.
  • Refresher training to facilitators of ECCD.
  • Orientation on importance of ECCD to parents.
  • Interaction meeting for quality education with parents, SMC and teachers.
  • Child led extra curricular activities at school and community.
  • Material support to ECCD.
  • SIP preparation workshop to teacher/ parent/ SMC.
  • Referal mechanism orientation to VCPC members.
  • Capacity building orientation/ training to VCPC members.

Major Outcomes :

Following major outcomes were achieved in 2015.

  • 40 Child Clubs re/formed involving 1446 children.
  • 8 VCPCs formed and were mobilized on child protection and development issues in concerned VDC.
  • 20 marginalize groiups formed and supported to sart-up small interprises with providing micro interprises training.
  • Conducted and completed baseline survey and CEMIS data collection to find out the scinario of community status and education status of 8 working VDC.
  • P- Foam, Carpet and education materials supported to 5(Five) ECCD for roll model and strengthening.
  • Providing observation tour and refresher training to facilitator of 46 ECCD to strengthen the capacity.
  • Conducted health screening campaign in 33 schools for ensuring the health status of children.
  • Conducted health session class in 10 schools for delivering health message to children.
  • Conducted SHN week in 8 working VDCs for awareness raising about health nutrition.
  • Conducted mid day meal and food demo orientation to the parents/ teachers in 8 working VDCs.
  • Conducted ASRH/ANC/PNC orientaation to the adolescents of 8 working VDCs for awreness raising.
  • Conducted menstruation hyigine and sanitary pad making orientation to adult girls of 8 working VDCs for personal hyigine.
  • Conducted orientation on anti child marriage to adolescent of 40 child clubs for mitigate early child marriage in rural community.
  • Conducted orientation on importance of ECCD to parents in 46 ECCD of 8 VDCs and success to increase in attendence rate enrollment.
  • Conducted ECA in 7 schools of 5 VDCs for child participation and their personal devlopment.
  • Conducted training on using of learning and educational material to teachers of 11 schools for quality education.
  • Conducted SIP workshop in 4 scholls of 4 VDCs to prepare SIP and create better education environment for quality education.
  • Conducted school enrollment campaign in 33 school’s cathment area for awrareneess raising about education for all.