SWC Regd. No : 19843

CERF Project

Saptari District especially India bordering southern parts has been severely affected by flood triggered due to four days continuous rainfall beginning from 11th Aug 2017. Immodestly after the incident DDRC and cluster were activated and has been actively engaged in relief and early response since then. WASH cluster mobilized the exiting ODF program partners for relief and response.

The district has experience of diarrheal (last year cholera was also detected in one of the VDCs during diarrheal outbreaks) up to mid- November. Moreover the flood hit communities are the most vulnerable as the majority of the areas lower sanitation coverage with low social development indicators. Thus from the beginning DDRC had great concern on hygiene program to ensure the correct hygiene behavior including food behavior to avoid the diarrheal incidences.

Moreover, women and adolescent girls living under the temporary shelter and shared houses with their neighbors are at risk due to the lack of appropriate WASH facilities. Thus the CERF Program has designed to deal with the likely multiple- Emergency WASH related issues and also to reinforce the existing flood response.

This program aims to ensure Water and Sanitation facilities and provide key hygiene awareness including food safety in flood affected and vulnerable communities funded by Unicef.