SWC Regd. No : 19843

SaMi Project

HELVETAS   Swiss  Inter-cooperation  Nepal  with  the   support from the  Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation  is implementing  the  Safer  Migration  (SaMi) project  in Nepal. The overall goal of the project is safer and more beneficial migration  for women  and men, who voluntarily choose  to go for labor migration. The project neither intends to discourage people from leaving, nor does it intend to encourage labor migration. It intends   to  sami_schoolprovide  interested  potential   migrant  workers, both women and men with accurate and relevant information on safer migration so that they can make informed decision and to capacitate them to protect themselves  from fraud,
exploitation  and trafficking. In addition, the project provides free of cost skill to the potential migrants and also seeks to provide legal and paralegal services to those migrants  who  have  been  cheated. The project works with potential migrant workers, returnee migrant workers, families left behind, school students and different existing community groups.

We carries out its activities in

1. VDC Raypur

2. VDC Maleth

3. VDC Malekpur

4. VDC Bishariya

5. VDC Jamuni Madhepura

6. VDC Lalapati

7. VDC Babhangama Katti

8. VDC Rampura Malhaniya

9. Kanchanpur Municipality &

10. Sambhunath Municipality.