SWC Regd. No : 19843


PAHUNCH is a new project of Sabal. which is under the support of DFID/Search for Common Ground. This project conducts in 8 VDCs & 2 Municipality of Saptari. The major outcome of the program is that ”the poor and marginalized communities, specifically women, will have improved security and access to justice” with the following outputs.

  • Citizens have increased knowledge about exciting legal provision, System and procedures around security and access to justice.
  • Citizen and police have improved trust and mutual accountability.

    माकुरा जालो खेल्दै सहभागिहरु

    माकुरा जालो खेल्दै सहभागिहरु

  • Improved responsiveness from the police in providing necessary information and service to the public, specifically the poor, marginalized and the women.
  • The poor and marginalized communities (esp. women) have improved access and responsiveness from formal justice system including the court officials and legal aid.
  • The poor and marginalized communities (including women) have increased access to community mediation services.