SWC Regd. No : 19843


Sambhav Goal: – Girls and boys, particular form marginalized communities, are supported to transition into and remain in school, improve their learning and become empowered members of their communities


Learners especially form marginalizedd groouops, engage regular in after school tutering activities and have learning improvements in defined learning outcomes.

Outcome 2:

Learners, especially from marginalized gorups, have greater social capital

Outcome 3:

Learners report having an enabling environment and greater support from key stakeholders with in the school and their parents to attend to the school.

Working School= 50

  1. Saptakoshi Nagarpalika
  2. Kanchanrup Nagarpalika
  3. Bishanpur Gaupalika
  4. Belhichapena Gaupalika
  5. Rupani Gaupalika
  6. Dakneshwori Gaupalika
  7. Hanuman Nagar Kankalini Nagarpalika
  8. Tirhuta Gaupalika
  9. Mahadewa Gaupalika
  10. Krishna Sawran Gaupalika