SWC Regd. No : 19843

SMART School Program

Partner organization: SNV

Objective:  to improve water, sanitation and effectiveness of hygiene behavior in school, use of clean toilets, washing hands with soap and safe drinking water as the minimum requirements and also focuses on the following broad aspects of total sanitation:

  • Each child washes both hands with soap after using the toilet and, highly desired, before eating.
  • Each child will use a clean toilet or urinal consistently.
  • Each child will be able to drink safe water supplied by the school.
  • Adequate menstrual hygiene facilities will be available at school.
  • Each child consumes hygienic and safe food
  • The overall environment of the school is clean

Area of implementation: 10 School of Khadak Municipality


  • School Sanitation Guideline in total sanitation
  • 7 Flag Approach in Total Sanitation


  • School declare as a SMART School
  • All 6 indicator will get above 75% marks
  • All 6 Flag will raise up to 75%